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Female sexual dysfunction

Written By: admin - May• 27•13

sexual-dysfunctionIt’s so easy to focus on the men, when we talk about sexual dysfunction. Most of the advertising targets men, questions their masculinity, and they have the most obvious and self-esteem destroying symptom of sexual issues. If a man cannot get it up, it often is a reason that they will punish themselves. Little time, little attention is paid attention when a woman is having sexual dysfunction issues, and yet it can be just as devastating emotionally and mentally, while physically it can cause pain and discomfort while some women try to ‘tough it through’ their sexual issues.

Let’s try to define a woman’s sexual dysfunction in a few more concrete terms though. Sexual dysfunction is not having a low or non-existent sex drive. We all go through times when we want more, or less sex, and do not have to seek physical intimacy to be satisfied with our lives. It also is not “failing to get in the mood” when your partner wishes to initiate sex, and you just are not interested, despite otherwise enjoying being in your partner’s company. These are mood, or emotional changes, and they can often vary at different times of your lives. These are not causes for sexual dysfunction; they can be part of a very healthy lifestyle.


When we discuss Sexual Dysfunction, we are talking about an urge to have sex, but an inability to do so pleasurably; this can include symptoms such as:

  • An ability to show physical signs of arousal, including lubrication and physical signs of arousal.
  • Inability or extreme difficulty achieving orgasm regardless of stimulation, or level of arousal. (You mentally want to cum, but physically are unable to do so.)
  • Physical pain during sex, due to intense tightening of the muscles, spasm, or lack of thorough arousal beyond lubrication.

As with men with sexual dysfunction, there are as many causes as there are different factor’s in a woman’s life that may cause these symptoms. There are various physical causes, combinations of medications can cause these symptoms, and of course there are always stress and emotional issues that can inhibit sexual pleasure. Here are some things you should look at, if you are experiencing any symptoms that prevent you from enjoying sex.

  • What kind of medications are you taking? Have you changed a medical regimen recently that has you taking antidepressants, blood pressure medications, antihistamines, or anything else that can cause blood flow issues? Even though women arouse in a physically different manner then men, much of the mechanics are similar, and anything that inhibits blood flow and saturation will lead to less lubrication, not to mention less muscular flexibility, which can make insertion painful.
  • Have you gone through any hormonal changes of late? Menopause, birth, breast-feeding, and other factors can affect the hormones that affect arousal. Since birth-control pills use controlled doses of various hormones, they can also affect your ability to get aroused and enjoy sex. It may require a different type of birth control, or additional hormonal supplements to restore suitable levels in your body to normalize your sexual health.
  • Are you under physical and social stress? This is the big one, and actually is the most common reason for male sexual dysfunction as well. When you are emotionally drained and stressed out, you may be unable to physically achieve arousal, no matter how much you wish to. It may require professional intervention and stress control techniques before your body stops reacting to the stress in your life.

Many women think that when they are uncomfortable, or do not enjoy having sex, they do not need it, or that they should “grin and bear it” for the sake of their relationships. There is no reason to take that mindset, this is a real problem, and it can have simple solutions, or medical solutions that you should discuss with your doctor. Everyone, male or female, deserves a fulfilling sexual life. You should not ignore the symptoms when they are having problems with your sex life.

Masturbation is Good for You

Written By: admin - Feb• 24•13


There is still a lot of stigma around women having sexual desires and needs and it is still sometimes thought that men are the ones who have the most needs. However, it is healthy for we females to masturbate and it is important to realize there is no shame or guilt associated in pleasuring yourself.

Not only does it help us to relieve any sexual tension but it helps us to learn from our own bodies what we like and don’t like. There are also many health benefits to masturbating.

Are you aware for instance that masturbation can help prevent you getting cervical infections and it will also help to relieve urinary tract infections? It is widely accepted that male masturbation can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men however; new studies have come out showing that regular masturbation can help women with cervical infections. This is because when women orgasm it opens up the cervix, this is known as tenting. When the cervix does this is stretches and pulls at the natural mucous inside the cervix, this lets the acid in the fluid to rise and this increases the friendly bacteria in the cervix. When the old fluid is expelled from the vagina it flushes out the organisms that can cause the infections.

Many women have reported that they feel the need to masturbate when they feel that an urinary tract infection is coming on. This is simply because the act of masturbation flushes the old bacteria out of the cervix and relieves the pain association with the infection.

Masturbation is also able to improve your cardiovascular health as well as lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. It was shown in a study that women who orgasm more whether by themselves or with a partner were at lower risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Masturbation can also help you fight insomnia. There are many women out there who find that masturbation after a busy day will help them sleep, they don’t realize that it’s because masturbation releases the feel good hormone called Dopamine during orgasm and after the orgasm the calming hormones which are oxytocin and endorphins are released giving us a glow that will help us relax into sleep.

The last benefit of masturbation I want to mention in this article is that having orgasms will increase your pelvic floor strength. We all know that there has been many studies showing why we should have a healthy and strong pelvic floor but many do not realize that an orgasm will help by giving the pelvic floor a good workout. This is because during the orgasm the clitoris surges with blood and your heart rate, muscle tone and respirations increase. This makes your uterus lift off the pelvic floor which helps to strengthen the entire pelvic region.

There are so many health benefits to masturbation as well as the fact it feels so good; So why wouldn’t you want to masturbate? It’s good your health!

Myth – Men Think About Sex More Than Women Do

Written By: assistant - Nov• 30•12

Sex (Photo credit: danielito311)

One of the biggest myths floating around about sexuality is that men think about sex a lot more than women do. That simply isn’t true. Maybe men just verbalize it more than women, which is fine, but that doesn’t mean women aren’t thinking about it at all. It’s important to know that it’s okay to think about sex. It doesn’t make you a dirty person, it makes you human.

One of the differences between a woman’s libido and a man’s libido is that women are more emotionally aroused and a man is more visually stimulated. A woman truly has to be in the mood in order to want to and actually enjoy having a sexual encounter. This is why you often hear about women wanting to have a room filled with soft candle light and fresh flowers filling the air with a sweet aroma. These are all things that help set the mood for a women.

Something that many people find surprising is that a Northwestern University study showed that women are aroused when they watch straight men and women having intercourse, which seems obvious. But straight women also get very aroused when they watch female-female sex and male-male sex. This shows that women do think about sex a lot, and they will think about sex with men, as well as other women, broadening their desires and yearnings compared to men. That is a lot of thinking! So the next time you are walking down the street and you see a pretty girl that is attractive and you feel that twinge, don’t get frightened. It doesn’t mean you are a lesbian. It means you are a women! So enjoy it.

Something else to think about is that women have a need for a plot. Desire doesn’t come from between her legs, but instead is between her ears. This is why women love romance novels. The anticipation and longing fuels her desire. This means women think a lot about sex, how they’d like to have sex, what sex would be like with a specific person—real or fantasy, and even where they’d like the sexual encounter to take place. It all goes back to having to be in the right mood or frame of mind to really have a great sexual experience.

Men, on the other hand, don’t need to have all that. They are pretty quick about the whole process. They can become aroused quickly, get the deed done, and then go back to what they were doing before it all started. That’s part of where the saying “wham bam, thank you ma’am” came from. For men, sex is the connection and for women, love and intimacy is the connection.

Yes, a women’s perception of sex, how she becomes aroused, and even the types of sexual thoughts that run through her mind are different then men’s, but it is a myth that men think about sex more than women. Women think about sex a lot, they are just not as verbal about it. And if you think about sex 500 times day or 5 times a day, you are perfectly normal. Sex is a natural part of the human life and you should never feel ashamed for living a sexual life.

Is It Normal to Have Fantasies?

Written By: assistant - Nov• 04•12

42-17843858 (Photo credit: kedai-lelaki)

Many women worry that they fantasize too much or that what they are fantasizing about is not normal.  They may even wonder if it is normal to fantasize about men and sex at all!  After all, if you’re in a relationship you shouldn’t need to fantasize…should you?

The truth is that fantasies are normal and they are a healthy way of expressing our sexual curiosity.  They help us decide what turns us on and what doesn’t. They help us discover ourselves as sexual human beings in a safe and healthy environment.  This discovery helps us emotionally and it helps us when we are in a relationship, too.

If you are in a relationship with someone and they want to try something new that you’re not sure if you like or not, try fantasizing about it.  Read some online stories. See if you get worked up about it.   Open your mind to the possibilities and imagine yourself doing that sexual activity with your partner.

But what if you’re not fantasizing about your partner? What if you’re fantasizing about a celebrity or someone you know or just some random stranger?

That’s ok, too, as long as you keep things in perspective.  Remember that it is just fantasy and that you aren’t going to act on it.  The key is not to let it replace your sex life.  When all you have is your fantasies it can become dangerous territory.  Your fantasies shouldn’t be the bulk of your sex life – just part of it.

The truth is that fantasies can be like a way of visualizing yourself the way you want to be in bed.  Have you always wanted to talk dirty?  Or maybe you want to put on a sexy strip act for your partner?  Or maybe you just want to feel less self-conscious about your body?  The sexual acts in fantasies are sometimes not as important as the way you see yourself in them.  If you see yourself as a beautiful, uninhibited woman in your fantasies you will be more likely to act that way in the bedroom (or in any other room that you want to be in). Fantasies can help you feel freer in your actual sex life and that can make it even more exciting for both you and your partner.

One more thing:  remember that fantasies are not real.  Only you can make them be real.  So if you’re fantasizing about being raped or taking part in a gang bang, don’t feel like it is something you need to try in your real life.  Don’t feel that just because it turns you on in your mind that it has to be tried.  Some fantasies are better left in your head.

So, have some fun with your fantasies. Try new things.  Be a different character that is more like what you would like to be like in real life.  Let your imagination go overboard!  Everyone fantasizes about sexual situations at some point so don’t guilt yourself about them.  Instead, let them add to your sex life!

Alaczen Review – Optimize Your Vaginal Health

Written By: admin - Jul• 14•12


Alaczen has been tipped to be the answer to vaginal yeast infections for good – so is it right for you? This Alaczen review gives you an honest and fair viewpoint to this probiotic supplement for vaginal health

What Is Alaczen?

Alaczen is a probiotic supplement that you can take daily to help combat those nasty yeast infections that can cause so much annoyance. It does this by balancing yeast and bacteria in your body with the inclusion of lactobacilli – Alaczen actually contains 48 billion live, friendly bacteria in each capsule, which is only needed to be taken once per day.

What Are The Benefits?

First and foremost, Alaczen is tipped as being the perfect fighter against Candida, aka Thrush. Thrush is simply a yeast infection caused by fungus called Candida Albicans – for most women this is constantly present, however certain conditions can cause Thrush to become apparent and cause that awful, uncomfortable feeling.

Alaczen rebalances the levels between yeast and bacteria to essentially prevent Candida and any related vaginal, bacterial infections away.

Continued use of Alaczen will potentially prevent any form of Thrush infection from coming back – the good bacteria will effectively cancel out any bad bacteria in the body and even if your body is under stress, Candida shouldn’t rise to the surface.

Are there any Side Effects?

The major worry with taking any supplements or medical products is the risk of side effects, whether they’re short term or long terms. So, if you were to hear that Alaczen doesn’t contain any side effects, would you be surprised? The great thing with Alaczen is that it’s totally 100% natural bacteria and therefore has been clinically proven to contain zero side effects. You can be rest assured that your body will be totally undamaged by taking Alaczen once a day.

Consumer Quotes

Here are a couple of testimonial quotes for you regarding Alaczen to put your mind at rest:

“I would only like to say that I have been free from infection for 3 months since I have been taking Alaczen. I’ve taken a lot of products and this is by far the best”

“I noticed a difference almost immediately. Alaczen has made such a huge difference in my life”.

Is Alaczen Recommended?

If you’re looking to get rid of your yeast infections for good, then Alaczen is highly recommended.

See more about Alaczen here